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We supply eco-friendly range of DMF Free ANTI-MOLD products to protect shipment, cartons, containers, pallets and storages from moisture, and Bacteria. Our  main object  is to Protect customer’s valuable materials  from moisture and Bacteria thus minimize possibilities of Fungal Growth.

Sr. No Product Application Area Packing Per Roll pack Packing per carton
1. Ensheild Stickers For small Box Packing   1000 sticker/Roll 20 Rolls
2. Sundry II RSD -10gm For Master Carton 50000 cm3 100Pcs/Pack 10 Packs
  Sundry II RSD -30gm For Big Carton 1,10,000 cm3 30 Pcs 14 Packs
  Sundry II RSD -240gm For container 20-30 Pcs/Container 10 Pcs 6 Packs  
3. Wasake Gel 2gm For small Box Packing L x B x H
1800 cm3
1000 Pcs 10 Packs
  Wasake Gel 4gm For small Box Packing 500 Pcs 10 Packs
4. PE  Sheet 25x25     1000 Pcs 10 Rolls
  PE  Sheet 16x8     4000 Pcs 15 Rolls