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Intercom Adhesive Spray Machine& Water Based Adhesive

We also supply footwear machines .Our world class water based Adhesive spray Intercom machine increases productivity & reduces wastage of Glue.

Many other advantages are also listed below.

Advantages of Machine:-

  • Reduces Cost
  • It require less man power
  • No Fire hazards to factory
  • Almost No wastages
  • Less Time consumption
  • Clean work
  • No health hazards for user
  • No smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Increases Productivity.

Water based Rubber Adhesive ,High stickiness on surface. High Open Time – 5 to 6 days under cover.


Ideal for Bonding and folding leather and synthetics, Highly recommended for Upper making ,cardboards and for belts ,bags ,Wallets, Heels, Orthopedic Insole production and assembling insoles.

Water Based PU Adhesive is under Trials.