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Gel Ball

Gel Ball

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Gel Ball (Soft/Hand Exerciser)

Sofogel Hand Exerciser Balls are used for strengthening the hand, fingers and forearm and increasing dexterity. Other applications include reducing stress and hot and cold therapy. The Gel balls fill the gap between putty and spring devices and are not messy like putty.

Gives excellent results in post foram fractures helps strengthen the muscles of arm. Good for rheumatic and arthritis patients. For general strain releasing of hand.

Product Features:

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and environment-friendly.
  • Our Gel Ball is made of various color of transparent Gel.
  • The sense of touch for gel ball is smooth solid feeling.
  • Function for Gel Ball: Help blood circulation, good for stroke patients to exercise their palms & muscle. Using Gel Ball to exercise our hands/ palms often is good for our helth.
  • Small size, easy to be carried.
  • Unique & Beautiful looking.

Handling Instruction / Care:
Before using, Sponge the product with talcum powder alla around, wash with mild shampoo and rinse the product with fresh water, shade dry.

Material content:
100% Medical-grade Hydrocarbon based co-polymer Gel.

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